Wooden Skis - Wasatch Lightning Longboard Skis

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Wasatch Longboard Skis
c. 1940's, 21st century
Wood,, Leather
84"l x 3"w
© Vintage Winter

A wonderful unused pair of Wasatch Lightning Longboard Skis. A collector item! They are in excellent (unused) condition with original labels and leather strap bindings.  A wonderful set of wood skis with an unique history.  

Wasatch Lightning Longboards - hand made by ski collector and post-modern ski maker Bob Yermen. Made of hand picked, knot free, kiln-dried Ash wood - these puppies would be FAST and certainly are beautiful. His company motto was "Short Skis suck, Long Skis truck".  


Vintage Ski Girls in Car.
Vintage Ski Girls in Car.


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