So Many Varieties Of Vintage Skis

We are constantly searching for and hand selecting the finest vintage American, European and Canadian skis to offer for sale online: we have antique wooden trapper and miner skis, vintage European skis, 10th mountain division military skis, and antique cross country and transportation skis. Whether it is museum quality antique Swedish skis or 1940's Northland skis we have what you are looking for.

Our skis are picked and rated based on four categories: ski condition, age/vintage, design/style, and decor value. See our museum collection to learn about the different styles (and understand the price range) of the unique vintage skis we have available.

Historically wooden skis were used for hunting, gathering and transportation. Throughout the years skis have been modified in style and design to fit the skiers needs. Think twin tips are New School...think again, we have twin tipped Swedish skis in our museum collection that are over 220 years old. We also have a unique collection of children's skis here


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