Antique and Vintage Snowshoes

Whether you're looking for decorative, usable, or museum quality snowshoes, our collection includes examples of each. Our collection includes unique snowshoe shapes like the Ojibwa, Huron, Alaskan and Bearpaw.  Some were made for hauling heavy trapper loads, while others were designed for speed and agility. Typically the most prized snowshoes include the intricately woven Native American examples including the Swallowtail, Bearpaw, Alaskan, Huron, Penobscot, Attikamekw, and Beavertail snowshoes.

Despite the variety in size, shape and style, snowshoes typically were made from only two materials; wood and animal hide. Traditionally snowshoe makers would search for days on end to select the perfect tree to cut down. Once selected the process was on a strict timeline due to the hourly moisture loss occurring in the wood. Once cut and bent into shape animal hide was prepared, typically out of caribou, deer or moose. While weaving techniques differed in design, all were created to be strong and durable enough to hold the weight of the sometimes extremely heavy loads.

Step into a world where each snowshoe tells a story of craftsmanship and heritage. Our collection boasts an array of unique pieces, each meticulously crafted for decorative, functional, or museum-quality appeal. From the elegant curves of the Ojibwa to the sturdy construction of the Bearpaw, we offer a diverse range of snowshoe shapes, including the iconic Alaskan and Huron styles.

These aren't just snowshoes; they're pieces of history. Some were tailored for hauling heavy trapper loads through rugged terrain, while others were engineered for speed and agility in the winter wilderness. Among our prized treasures are intricately woven Native American examples, such as the Swallowtail, Penobscot, and Beavertail snowshoes.

What sets our collection apart is not just the variety of shapes and styles, but also the materials and craftsmanship behind each piece. Traditionally made from only two materials—wood and animal hide—every snowshoe in our collection embodies a labor of love. Craftsmen would scour the forests for the perfect trees, knowing that time was of the essence due to the wood's hourly moisture loss. Once fashioned into shape and adorned with meticulously prepared animal hide—often sourced from caribou, deer, or moose—the result was a durable, reliable tool capable of bearing the weight of heavy loads through snow-covered landscapes.

Discover the artistry and ingenuity of vintage wood snowshoes, each one a testament to the skill and dedication of its maker. Whether for display, outdoor adventure, or preservation of history, our collection offers something truly special for every enthusiast.



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