Antique and Vintage Snowshoes

Whether you're looking for decorative, usable, or museum quality snowshoes, our collection includes examples of each. Our collection includes unique snowshoe shapes like the Ojibwa, Huron, Alaskan and Bearpaw.  Some were made for hauling heavy trapper loads, while others were designed for speed and agility. Typically the most prized snowshoes include the intricately woven Native American examples including the Swallowtail, Bearpaw, Alaskan, Huron, Penobscot, Attikamekw, and Beavertail snowshoes.

Despite size, shape and style, snowshoes typically were made from only two materials; wood and animal hide. Traditionally snowshoe makers would search for days on end to select the perfect tree to cut down. Once selected the process was on a strict timeline due to the hourly moisture loss occurring in the wood. Once cut and bent into shape animal hide was prepared, typically out of caribou, deer or moose. While weaving techniques differed in design, all were created to be strong and durable enough to hold the weight of the sometimes extremely heavy loads.


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