Vintage Toboggans, Sleighs and Sleds

Did you have a favorite childhood sled? Did you own a Flexible Flyer? Have you ever felt the acceleration with friends on a wooden toboggan? Welcome to the Vintage Winter collection of antique sleighs, sleds and toboggans. The sleds we have available for purchase embody EPIC fun, historic smiles and the best of wintertime.

Whether you are looking for a unique one-of-a-kind antique sleigh or a simple yet elegant vintage wooden sled for your home decor, we have what you are looking for. One of our favorite winter holiday decorating tips is to set the table with an old European Davos sled. Another great idea is to use an old wooden sled to display your presents under the Christmas tree. Placed on your front porch, toboggans, sleighs and sleds welcome friends and family into your home.


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