Vintage Paris Mfg Company Toboggan

Wooden Toboggan by the Paris Manufacturing Company 
72"x 17.5″ × 8.5″
Wood, Metal, Rope
© Vintage Winter

Sledding on a toboggan is a classic rush of Winter: Have you felt the thrill of riding a toboggan with family and school yard friends?

This beautiful vintage toboggan is made of bentwood slats and wooden cross braces.  It features a “natural” finish making it a decorative antique for any mountain ski lodge or family ski retreat. Notice the decorative wooden stops keeping the "hold-on!" ropes in place. 

vintage toboggans for ski condo and lodge decorations
A young mother enjoying Wintertime Fun with her children: The snowshoes and toboggan were hung on the wall ready for the snowy day adventure. Image credit: Canadian Archives Online


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