Antique Swedish Hand Carved Skis

Antique Swedish, Scandinavian Skis
1700-1850's, 18th-19th century
Wood, Metal (nails), Leather
99"l x 3.25"w x 2.5"h
© Vintage Winter

One of the finest examples of antique Swedish skis we have ever seen.  They feature traditional rockered tips and upturned, 'twin tip' style tails.  Many early skis found in Norway, Sweden, etc. featured tips at both ends to allow a broken ski to still be used; simply turn the ski around and off you go.  Decorative designs lace the tops of these skis in a network of patterns from tip to tail.  They are in excellent condition and have been preserved with historic techniques by our museum curator.     

The last photo shows our preferred method of hanging antique skis on a wall.  A piece of antique leather gently straps the skis to the wall anchoring them into place.  We sell ski mounting kits at our cost to do our part keeping screw holes out of old wooden skis.


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