Antique Swedish, Norwegian, Scandinavian Skis

Antique Swedish, Norwegian, Scandinavian Skis
1780-1890, 18th-19th century
Wood, Metal (nails), Leather
107"l x 2.5"w x 1.5"h
© Vintage Winter

This pair of extremely long Scandinavian skis is a very fine example of early skis used for recreation and transportation. Most Northern European, Scandinavian Skis were hand carved from dense pine found in the high alpine region. Pine trees in the alpine region were more sought after by carvers for their tight grains and therefore density.  These skis have seen some heavy use in their day.  Notice the patchwork with hand forged staples lacing the ski back together.  You will also notice a thin formed piece of metal wrapped completely around the ski to protect and support the ski where it sustained damage. 


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