Vintage Wooden Snow King Skis

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Antique Hickory Snow King Wooden Skis
c. 1930's - 40's 20th century
Wood, Metal
82"l x 3.5"w x 2.75"h
© Vintage Winter

Tall, Dark, Handsome with remnants of their original labels..... these skis have it all.  Classic Ski Decor.  A wonderful set of antique skis complete with old bear trap bindings and leather straps.  These skis have been preserved with our natural oil and beeswax finish.   

One point about the "Ridgetop" that is interesting.  This was an upgrade from the previous versions of a flat ski - to help with the chatter - or vibration - from skiing at high speeds.  Vintage vibration dampening technology.  

Vintage Tucker Snow Cat with Snow Bunny.
Vintage Tucker Snow Cat with Snow Bunny.


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