Vintage U.S. Military 10th Mountain Division Skis

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Vintage 10th Mountain Division Downhill Snow Skis
c. 1940's, 20th century
Wood, Metal
83"l x 3.5"w x 2.75"h
© Vintage Winter

Wonderful example of 10th Mountain Division equipment.  The skis were painted white to provide camouflage during missions on snow-covered terrain.  After returning from active duty, most 10th Mountain Division soldiers were recruited by the U.S. National Ski Patrol.  Skis like these were pivotal in the success of missions against the Germans in the Italian mountains.  

This set has some of the most unique bindings we've seen on these vintage skis with full leather boot holders (heel and toe straps).
The serial numbers (and paint job) do not match, but the bindings, maker, size, etc - all do.  The paint shows wear and patina that only come with time.  It adds a level of charm.  

WWII 10th Mountain Division on Skis.
WWII 10th Mountain Division on Skis.


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