Vintage Stubai Wooden Ice Axe

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Vintage Austrian Stubai Ice Axe
Marked “Stubai Made in Austria" 
c. 1930's-1950's, 20th century
Wood, Metal
33 7/16"l x 6 1/16"w x 1 11/16"h
© Vintage Winter

A wonderful old wooden ice axe or 'walking stick'. Many elders would hike with one of these in their later years for additional balance.  A much smaller head than traditional mountaineering ice axed, this axe was utilitarian in its size.  Lighter weight and easier to grip this axe is a unique addition to your collection.  It features a negative tip clearance pick, solid wooden shaft, curved adze and traditional shaped spike.

In 1742, Tradinghouse Volderauer was established by a group of local blacksmiths living and working in the Stubai Valley. These master craftsmen later founded the Stubai Tooling Cooperation in 1897. While the company can only trace its beginnings to the mid 1700’s, the Stubai Valley has a long and rich history of blacksmiths dating back to the 14th century.


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