Vintage Snurfer

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Vintage Snowboard called the Snurfer
c. 1960’s – 70’s, 20th century
Wood, nylon (rope), metal (nails)
46.25"l x 6"w x 2"h
© Vintage Winter

This Snurfer was made by the JEM Corporation in Marion Virginia.  Marked with the patent # 3,378,274:3,378,275.  This vintage Snurfer is in absolutely perfect condition.  It was never used and has been preserved over the years beautifully.  All original graphics, rope, paint and rubber grips are in museum condition.   You will not find a better example than this, period. 

Vintage Snurfer Ad
Vintage Snurfer Ad

Vintage Skifers and Snurfers are getting harder and harder to find especially in good condition.  Snow Skimmers, Snurfers and Skifers were the first versions of snowboards. Most of the early pioneers of modern snowboarding owned these “toys” throughout their life. Jake Burton (one of the first to shape vintage snowboards) would modify Snurfers in his backyard. Sherman Poppen invented Snurfers in 1965 in Muskegon, Michigan. Many attribute Sherm as the father of modern snowboarding.


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