Vintage Ski Chair Lift - Mt. Hood Magic Mile Ski Lift

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Old Mt. Hood Magic Mile Ski Chairlift
c. 1962
Wood, Metal
92"h x 42"w x 25"d - Seat height 19"
© Vintage Winter

We were lucky to acquire a few of these classic Riblet center pole ski chairlifts.  They are from one of the most iconic ski lifts in history.  As the second chairlift ever built the Magic Mile was and still is a pilgrimage for any snow enthusiast.  We have fitted each original chairlift with a carefully crafted metal base, welded in place to form a sturdy bench appropriate inside or out.  Professional powder coating and woodworking was employed to not only look great, but to endure the test of time.

Finished in classic ski area red you will notice two different models; the curved back and straight back.  Mr. Byron Christian Riblet was in his early 70's when he built his first chairlift and the Magic Mile was no slouch in engineering.  While the first chairlift in Sun Valley Idaho was modeled after conveyor belts used to load bananas onto freight ships in Central America, Mr. Riblet found his inspiration within the mining industry in which he dominated in design.  The Riblet Tramway Company successfully built the majority of double ski chair lifts in North America.  If you grew up skiing chances are you rode on a Riblet chair.  These vintage ski chair lifts capture that magic of your first ride.  Perhaps you skirted your way through the crowd in the singles line to match up with the snow bunny your still with today.  We poured our heart into these chairs with unparalleled quality in craftsmanship that they so deserved.  Our hopes are that you will not only fill your home with a wonderful conversation piece but that you will pass along its nostalgia and history to your children as well.  

Each ski chair lift that we sell ships with with a hand crafted metal photograph of the original Magic Mile Ski Lift on Mt. Hood near Timberline Lodge.   Custom colors are possible for an additional charge.  Custom ski chairs are not refundable.


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