Vintage Gregg Downhill Ski Manufacturing

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Vintage Gregg MFG. Ski Co. Skis 
c. 1940's, 20th century
Wood, Metal, Leather
70"l x 2 3/4"w 
© Vintage Winter

A wonderful example of Gregg Mfg. Ski Co. skis made in St. Paul Minnesota. These young adult skis are in great condition with the original ski jumper logo on the tip. They feature the classic ski jumper leather strap binding and stomp pad. Notice the contrasting wooden bottoms. A wonderful set of early 1940's old wood skis.  

Gregg Manufacturing started out as a farm implement manufacturing company and began making wooden skis for the Dartmouth Cooperative Society in Hanover, NH in 1919. Demand grew into the 1930s and Gregg Skis was one of the three major suppliers of skis for the 10th Mtn. Div. during WW2. Gregg also made toboggans.

In 1953, when the Northland/Lund Ski factory burned to the ground in North St. Paul, MN, Christian Lund promptly bought Gregg Ski Manufacturing, so that he could continue to make skis. Within three weeks from his own factory burning, he started making skis again in the existing Gregg factory in St. Paul. As of 1954, Gregg Manufacturing was no longer in business.

Harry Holmberg worked as a ski engineer and designer for Gregg skis in St. Paul. Harry's brother, Hartvig “Hart” Holmberg, opened a carpentry shop in St. Paul, MN in 1943. Harry called upon Hartvig’s manufacturing skills and together they began working on a prototype, metal-edged ski. After three years of creating and refining, Hartvig, Harry and friend Ed Bjork were ready. In 1955 the first "Hart" metal-edged ski was introduced.

Gregg Manufacturing bought lumber for their skis from Opelousas, LA. The Thistlethwaite Lumber Company was located in Opelousas and was founded by John R. Thistlethwaite. The lumber company and saw mill ran from 1917 thru the late 1930s.

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Gregg Ski Mfg. Co. c. 1950 St. Paul, MN.
Gregg Ski Mfg. Co. c. 1950 St. Paul, MN. - Hennepin County Library


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