Vintage Canadian Faber Snowshoes

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Classic Canadian Faber Wooden Snowshoes
Wood, Rawhide, Leather, Metal
Vintage Winter 

This pair of Faber snowshoes were made in Loretteville, Quebec and are ready for your ski chalet wall. Unique tight weave on this extra large set. Great Labels. They have been handmade in Canada by a time honored multi-step process. White Ash is harvested, then steam bent into the the traditional snowshoe hoop shape. Rawhide strips are then woven (while wet) to create the distinctive snowshoe lacing and footprint. When the rawhide dries, it becomes taught and can hold the weight of a grown adult on the snow. Leather bindings were a major upgrade from a simple cloth rope tie, which constituted the majority of foot attachments on the earliest snowshoes. This pair has nice dark leather bindings. 

Image credit:  Canadian Archives


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