Vintage Bear Paw Snowshoes

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Vintage Bear Paw Snowshoes, 1940's
Wood, Rawhide, Leather, Metal frame
28.5"l x 13w
Vintage Winter 

This pair of vintage bear paw snowshoes are believed to be from the United States made in the 1940's.  

These snowshoes have a unique red metal frame.  Rawhide lacing is then woven (while wet) to create the distinctive snowshoe footprint. When the rawhide dries, it becomes tight and can hold the weight of a grown adult on the snow. The leather bindings on these are in good condition. There is some breakage in the rawhide lacing at the top of one of the snowshoes. 

These would look great above a fireplace at a ski condo!


Image credit:  Canadian Archives


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