Steerable Ski Toboggan

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Vintage Steerable Toboggan with Skis
Wood, Metal (screws and steering mechanism)
21"w x 108"tall x 9"d
Vintage Winter

Condition: Incredible, rare, decorative; sleddable/usable
This very unique ski toboggan has two tones of wood. The toboggan slats are stained a dark green color while the two outer skis are a antiqued maroon. Classic design and look. Very decorative for a billiard or rec room.  Original label on the front reads Woodstock Vermont.  We've never seen one like this.  This toboggans steering mechanism tilts the skis left or right to cut and carve a turn.  We haven't tried it out yet, as the pricetag makes you think about playing too hard with this one.  This is NOT a one-of-a-kind, we are pretty sure.  The quality of the steering mechanism and the label make us believe that there may have been others made by this workshop, but we have NEVER seen anything like it.  

We took it to the SIA (Snowsports Industries of America) show and received similar comments - "never seen one..."  "no way!"  "lets take it out!"  This will make an incredible decorative piece - it is very large and will be noticed by all even in a large room or event hall.  

Girl on a Northland Toboggan.
Similar shape to a Classic Wooden Toboggan. Just ADD skis!


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