Skeeboggan - Vintage Snowboard

Skeeboggan – Sled
Circa 1920's
Metal base, Wood Handle, Rubber Pad
8"w x 36"l x 3"h
© Vintage Winter

Is this “stand-up” sled – The First Snowboard?  Created by Howard J. Ferris in the early 1920's in his Harvard, Illinois workshop with subsequent patent granted on March 30th, 1926, the Skeeboggan was a revolutionary design that allowed the rider to "coast on snow covered slopes or on level ground" with greater control due to the "downwardly projecting ribs or corrugations...formed in the sides of the sheet metal...assist[ing] in holding the coaster in a true course, particularly when passing over rough ground".  Mr. Farris was well known for over 50 different inventions all produced and marketed under the  Hunt, Helm, & Ferris Company.

  • Wooden Handle on this metal snowboard makes balancing a breeze
  • Ridges in the metal allow it to track through the hardpack snow
  • Rubber footpad ensures lasting stability over varied downhill terrain

When I acquired the Skeeboggan for this collection (in Minneapollis Minnesota), there was also a great photo of the old general store (sepia tone) with the clerk behind the counter, the skeeboggan clearly displayed in the front. oooh I wish I....


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