Northland Ridgetop Skis and Bamboo Poles

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Antique Northland ridgetop skis
c. 1930s - 20th century
Wood, Metal
89"l x 3.75"w
Poles: 54.5"h
© Vintage Winter

Northland Skis are difficult to find in this condition.  This style is the "advanced technology of the day", featuring the vibration dampening of the "RidgeTop".  They have the pointed tips of the1920s - 1930s and their original bindings - which were the beartrap style, but with leather straps, and only the back heel support was a metal coil.   We found these with these great Red poles.  Under the red protective casing is natural Bamboo - but we decided to keep the red on (even though its plastic) - it really adds to the decor.  The poles are in great shape.  Notice the "white" leather grips - in near perfect condition and the baskets are complete.  

The label of the Northland ski is very readable - St Paul, MN.  

Vintage Tucker Snow Cat with Snow Bunny.
Vintage Tucker Snow Cat with Snow Bunny.


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