Carbon Fiber - Bamboo Ski Poles - NEW

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Carbon Fiber Ski Poles  
Carbon Fiber (pole) Bamboo (outer casing), Steering Wheel Leather (Grips), Plastic (baskets)
Circa 1940s
130cm" long - 4" basket diameter
Vintage Winter

In looking for killer ski poles for decoration, we came across Komperdell's newly made carbon-fiber technology (wrapped in a beautiful Bamboo casing).  These poles will perform to any racers standard (they are feather-light!).  We found them to be good for use as ski lodge decor or for everyday skiing - with a classic look.  They are available in Light or Dark stained bamboo.  

sizes: 110 - 135 cm 


  • ++ leather grip
  •   + leather strap
  • ++ 100 % carbon Featherlight
  • ++ enhanced with Bamboo
  • ++ Ø 16/9 mm
  •   + race basket
  •   + tungsten/carbide flex tip

Collegiate skiers on old wood skis.
Collegiate skiers on old wood skis.


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