Bronzed Snowflake

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Ski Snowflake
c. 1920-1940's, 20th century
Wood, Metal
21"h x 19"w x 3"d
© Vintage Winter

Very much a one of a kind.  These skis have been cut, shaped, decorated and bronzed by artist Mary Williams into a "ski snowflake".  

About the Artist: Mary Williams:  With wood as her medium, she is able to explore many shapes and forms that create energy in any given space. Her use of striking colors and designs created by carved surfaces produce playful abstract imagery that reach out to all ages. Colors and textures draw the viewer in for a closer investigation; from a distance the imagery dances across the surface. Layers of color are sanded away to the bare wood which leaves a warm, weathered, comforting feel.  She employs carving techniques and woodworking skills to create colorful aspen sculptures and hand carved wall reliefs that surprise, delight, and intrigue.

Her work is whimsical, organic, and has a refreshing style that often brings a smile. Using wood as a medium allows flexibility to create dimensional pieces varying in size, shape and function. All pieces are painted in acrylics with a variety of finishes.

Mary Williams with recent project.
Mary Williams with recent project.

Vintage Ski Art is ideal for mountain ski lodges, ski resorts, and family chalets. Wherever you want to be reminded of the artistry and beauty of downhill and cross-country skiing, consider Vintage Winter.




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