Antique Wooden Racing Snowshoes

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Vintage Wood Racing Snowshoes
c. 1900 – 20th century
Wood, Babiche, Metal (nails)
36”l x 10 9/16”w x 2 3/16”h
© Vintage Winter

A museum condition set of racing snowshoes from the turn of the century.  It seems that anytime you place athletic young people together competition rears it’s head.  Snowshoe racing has been a tradition for a lot longer than most would assume.  In fact, snowshoes like these were specifically designed for not only speed but jumping as well.  Many collegiate snowshoe races included what is akin to the modern day track + field steeple race.  Hurdles and obstacles laced the route with the fastest and most agile athlete claiming the cup.  This set was, like most early snowshoes, made by local artisans whom at the time were Native Americans/ First Nation people.  All in all this set would be a wonderful set for your snowshoe collection.

C. 1892 Snowshoe Race in Montreal Canada


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