Antique Wooden Paris Manufacturing Co. Skis

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Antique Museum condition wooden Paris Manufacturing Co. Skis
c. 1900-1920's
Wood, Leather, Metal (edges and cable bindings)
82 3/16" long x 3 6/16" wide
© Vintage Winter

Paris Manufacturing Co. was founded by Henry Morton in 1861 in Paris, Maine. It was best known for making sleds and skis, but the company also made desks and other unique furnishings.

This is a pristine museum condition set of old wooden skis.  They were stored inside and lost for over a century.  We do not believe these skis went outside but a handful of times.  They retain their original stamped logo (quite rare for this model).  The tips on these skis are reminiscent of Scandinavian skis from the 1600's-1700's with large upturned rounded tips.  These skis were expertly crafted by Finish immigrants over 100 years ago.  They retain their original leather bindings and flat headed screws and were preserved by our curation technician.Original period photo of the Paris Manufacturing Company in Maine



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