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Antique Western Flyer Skis

Antique Western Flyer Co. Skis
c. 1940's, 20th century
Wood, Metal
71.25"l x 2.75"w x 2.5"h
© Vintage Winter

A wonderful example of Western Flyer Skis with perfect logos seen here.  If this name sounds familiar its because Western Flyer was a popular brand name for Western Auto Supply Company.  It is said that George Pepperdine started the company with $5 in 1909.  If that name rings a bell its because he later founded Pepperdine University in California.  Western Flyer's brand name was found on Bicycles, toy trains, scooters, etc.  I have seen literally thousands of antique and vintage skis in my life and I have only seen a few Western Flyer skis.  Read more on the history of Western Supply Company.
Group of kids skiing on vintage skis.
Group of kids skiing on vintage skis.
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