Antique Skis - Mercury Co.

Antique Mercury Co. Skis
c. 1940's, 20th century
Wood, Metal
76.5"l x 2.75"w x 3"h
© Vintage Winter

A perfect example of Mercury Co. skis.  They feature their original metal and leather bindings, perfectly preserved labels complete with red and blue pin stripping.  Their bindings are a model called the Pathfinder made by Warren Belting Co. of Worchester Mass.  I believe they are Hickory skis with matching serial numbers (04552) and markings of 6'6" (showing their length).  They were most likely made in the mid 1940's as suggested by their style and metal edges.  All in all a great set of skis with a wonderful patina.    
Two kids on old wooden skis.
Two kids on old wooden skis.


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