Antique Firefly Racer Sled

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Vintage Firefly Racer Sled 
c 1920s - 1930s
metal, wood
49" long x 7" high x 29"widest (sled body 13"wide
Vintage Winter 

A great find.  Beautiful original paint - and warm, dark patina from the ages.   This style sled was well loved and would definitely have some stories if it could talk.  It has repairs on both wood runners - so we assume there was some story-worthy crash and fatherly or grandfatherly repair.  This style sled was eventually "safety" updated to change the pointed runners (at the back of the sled).  You can only imagine the danger - if the sled flipped.  

The Fire Fly coaster was S. L. Allen’s economically-priced line of sleds. The Fire Fly Racer joined the Fire Fly line in 1917. With its all-wood side rails, old-style steering mechanism, and flat runners.  It represented a well-constructed and reasonably priced alternative to other sleds of the day.


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