Antique Dartmouth Skis, Boots and Poles

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Antique Dartmouth Cooperative Society Skis
c. 1930's - 40's, 20th century
Wood, Metal, Leather
75"l x 3"w x 3"h
© Vintage Winter

A wonderful example of Dartmouth Co-op (Cooperative Society) skis made from Hickory in Hanover, New Hampshire.  They are in excellent condition with perfect labels, original metal and leather bindings and have been preserved with our natural oil and beeswax finish.  Whether you are looking to add to your antique ski collection or purchase a set for your home decor, you cannot go wrong choosing this pair.

Fred Harris founded the Dartmouth Outing Club in the winter of 1909–10.  He was a true outdoorsman who's main passion was the winter months of skiing.  His love of the sport carried on with his off-the-hill activities making 8 foot skis from hickory and ash.  

Nine winters later a graduate of Dartmouth College, John Paine Sr., founded The Dartmouth Co-op.  Paine keep the Co-op as a family business until 1986 when it was sold to a group of alumni.  Throughout Paine's reign he sold skis to fellow students starting by reselling skis manufactured by the Gregg Ski Company.  Later he imported and sold models from Europe.  In 1932 Paine started making skis with the Dartmouth Cooperative Society label hand built in his new factory.  This allowed a wholesale division to be born supplying eager sporting goods dealers scattered throughout the country.  Because Dartmouth was a mecca for winter sports, the brand alone carried tremendous weight and led to record breaking sales during the winter of 1941-42.  A few years later the Dartmouth Co-op aided the 10th Mountain Division with supplies for WWII.   

Dartmouth Outing Ski Club
c. 1912 photo of the Dartmouth Outing Club with old wood skis and snowshoes.


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