Antique Child's Sled

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Antique Child’s Sled
c. 1870 – 1900, 19th century
Wood, metal (nails)
42"l x 18"w x 8"h
© Vintage Winter

A very sturdy old wooden child’s sled. It features its original pin striping and dark red paint. Children’s sleds like this one were quite popular from the 1850’s – 1900’s. This particular sled looks to be made by the Paris Manufacturing Co. In 1861, Henry F. Morton opened one of the country’s first sled factories in South Paris, Maine, where he made what came to be known as Paris sleds. In the early days Paris sleds were hand painted by Henry’s wife and they did not have steering control. Even back then sleds sold for several hundred dollars due to their hand crafted nature. Oak was the sled makers wood of choice to take the constant abuse inflicted by most kids.

Young child on a old wood Toboggan.
Young child on a old wood Toboggan.


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