Vintage Burton Backyard Snowboard

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Vintage Burton Backyard Snowboard
c. 1983-1984
Wood, metal, rubber
52"l x 11.5"w
© Vintage Winter

A real "garage" find. A friend in New Jersey rediscovered his childhood Snowboard after clearing out his garage.  The story on this board is similar to your first that...He went out with his friends on the hills of the local golf course during a big snow. After falling off repeatedly they decided to try to create "bindings". They drilled small holes (see detail photos) and tried to attach some straps, however the project quickly faded and the board was set in the garage rafters. The holes are tiny, and did not go through the base.
Serial number: AJ 204 B     

From the Catalog: "The Backyard Snowboard was designed as an economically priced Snowboard for those who plan on riding less often, and mainly on smaller hills.  The Backyard Model does not come with bindings or a safety leash, but does include a power cord (NOTE: this one DOES NOT have the rope) and a twin-fin roundtail tracking system.  While the Backyard Board will handle any size rider it is ideal for the very young (under ten) beginner who might feel uncomfortable in bindings while learning.

  • Weight 7.3 lbs.
  • Length 52"
  • Width 11.5"
  • Construction: All hardwood core coated in Polyurethane
  • Roundtail with Straight side rails
  • Removable power cord
  • One year warranty
  • Bindings may not be mounted on Backyard 


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