Vintage Wooden Skis with Bamboo Poles

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Vintage Downhill Skiing Skis
Wood, Metal, Canvas
89″ × 5″
© Vintage Winter

This is another great pair of wooden downhill skis from the 1920s to the 1930s. They have the metal toeholds and a reddish footplate, but the leather binding parts are absent.  Since these skis do not have metal edges we are able to identify them as pre 1940s.  As we've said before, the pointed tip styling was prevalent in the 1920s and 30s.   

The bamboo ski poles here have great leather color as lacing in the basket, and just a simple leather loop at the top, not the full "grip" as you've seen on some of the other ski poles we have available.   There are some small splits in the bamboo cane, so these are not  "race-ready", but some light use would be fine.  We've selected them from the 100s of skis and poles we see each year because they would be great on our cabin wall.  Since we already have a set on the wall, and in the corner, above the garage and a few other pairs as a collage in the rec room, we've decided to let these go.   We know you'll like them. 

Skier Jumping off a Cornice on Antique Skis
Skier jumping off a cornice on antique skis.


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