Primitive Antique Ice Skates with Wood and Hand Forged Blades and Unique Curl

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Primitive Antique Wooden Ice Skates - with a small Curled Blade
Circa 17 century
Wood, Metal, Leather, Brass Stanchions
© Vintage Winter

17th Century - incredible! Hardwood sole with hand forged steel blades and front curl. Brass Stanchions.  In excellent condition.  Small...possibly children's skates which make them highly desirable.

What makes these skates unique is the condition, you do not see may around and how the small curl turns over and joins the wood platform at the front. The runners have two beautiful brass  stanchions attaching them to the platforms. At on time the platforms had three leather straps and a screw in the heel that supported the skate to the boot.

Gone are those BIG cumbersome curls. The ladies and gents got tired of getting their clothes, legs and dresses the skate designers got smart and enclosed the curl. How clever was that??? Solved a problem but kept their style.  Doubles Rogers and Co. Of Norwich, Connecticut made skates similar around the 1860s. 

Imagine adding these beautiful antique skates from a world class antique ice skate collection to your new or established  collection, museum or cabin decor. Own a piece of history.



*See the last two pictures for a decorative idea. One of our creative customers had bookends made with a pair of our antique hockey skates


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