Original Vintage Sun Valley Single Ski Chairlift

As most ski enthusiasts are aware Sun Valley was the birthplace for lift served downhill skiing.  At the heart of this newly formed sport lies the invention of the ski chairlift.  As the story goes the conceptualization for moving people up a ski slope has its roots among the humid heat in Panama.  While remembering his observation of banana conveyor belts loading freight onto cargo ships in South America, the lead bridge engineer for the Union Pacific Railway, formed the idea.  Multiple prototypes and experimental designs later Sun Valley opened for the winter of 1936-37 with two single chairlifts on Dollar and Proctor mountains. The winter of 1937-1938 saw the addition of a third single ski chair lift on Ruud mountain with three additional single chairlifts added to Bald Mountain soon thereafter.   

In 1969 Sun Valley's Mt. Baldy Christmas Ridge single ski chairlift was decommissioned.  5 years later she was spared from the scrap yard and sent North to start a new life in Cordova Alaska.  Welcomed with open arms and creative financing, the lift opened for its second time; now serving the Southern aspect of Mt. Eyak.  The ownership changed hands from the town of Cordova to the local Sheridan Ski Club (now the Sheridan Alpine Association)  which is still in operation and run as a non profit.  A few years ago the ski club replaced the single lifts and we have acquired a very limited quantity. Custom ski chairs are not refundable.


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