c. 1984 Burton Backhill Snowboard

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One of the most iconic snowboards ever produced by Burton!  This vintage wooden snowboard is from 1984 and is in wonderful condition.  All original parts in excellent condition.  This particular snowboard was shaped by the Burton Staff with serial number
: Q5-2879 Handmade in Vermont, U.S.A. 

From the original 1984 Burton catalog:

This Backhill Snowboard was the top of the Burton Line until 1982 and has been the best selling snowboard in the world over the past five years.  What has made this board so popular is its outstanding performance and quality at such a reasonable price.  

We have improved the Backhill Snowboard this year by widening the board and moving the front binding up slightly.  We have also added a heel strap for advanced riding.  The Backhill Board is now more versatile than ever and it continues to offer more value, dollar for dollar, than any other snowboard available.  

Price $110
Weight 7.3lbs
Length 52"
Width 11.75"
Construction: All hardwood core (imported veneer) coated in polyurethane
Twin aluminum fins
Swallowtail with slalom cut
Removable power cord
Universally adjustable boot type front binding with heel strap an d new grip pad
Strap sype rear binding
Safety leash
Base graphics
One year warranty


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