Antique Ward Marathon Jumping Skis

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Antique Jumping Skis - Double Grooves
c. 1860's-1910's, 19th-20th century
Wood, Metal
94.5" x 3.75"
Poles:  52"
© Vintage Winter

We like finding great sets of vintage jumping skis like these.  They are in very good, though not excellent condition.  The binding is not complete.  They feature the metal toe part of the binding, but are missing the leather strap (beartrap or cable style).  They have pointed tips (nipple tips) and their labels are clearly readable.  The poles are very unique - with double ring rattan baskets and our favorite design of detailed basket weave.  The bamboo ski poles have a leather strap at the top (it is not a full leather grip).  
Two skiers catching air on vintage skis.
Two skiers catching air on vintage skis.


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