Antique Swiss Bronze Glocken Cowbell

Antique Swiss Glocken Cowbell
20th century
Leather, Bronze
Overall hanging length in photo: 23", Leather strap: 5 11/16" wide
Bell: 9 3/16” Diameter x 8 2/16” tall
© Vintage Winter

A large antique Swiss Cowbell with a wonderful original leather strap.  This bell features floral and geometrical designs with embossed verbiage indicating this bell was an exposition bell in the les Ponts de Martel c. 1904.  This bell is in wonderful antique condition and has been preserved with a leather conditioner and a light cleaning of the brass.  If desired this bell would polish to a mirror finish however we leave that decision to the next owner.  We tend to fall in love with the patina a bell develops over time.

This Bell comes to us from the Burbank collection.


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