Snurfer, Skifer, Arrow Ski-Board, White Bear Sno-Surfer, Snow Skimmer, Snow Slider, Skeeboggan Collection

The boards that started it all!  Snowboarding's roots belong to the Snurfer.  This collection features rare one of a kind Snurfers with original tags, never ridden examples, rare color combinations and a Pink color Snurfer!  Similar to Sherman Poppen's Christmas Day invention the production employees at Brunswick (the company who manufactured Snurfers) were allowed to make a Pink Snurfer for their Daughters for Christmas.  As the story goes, this occurred one particular Christmas in which only a couple were made.  We have never seen another.  This is quite possibly the finest collection we have ever seen.

23 total boards with a surprise Snow Slider by Variflex still in its original box.  A collection like this would take several decades to amass.  Own it today.





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