U.S. 10th Mountain Division Ski Goggles

Vintage 10th Mountain Division Downhill Snow Ski Goggles
c. 1940s, 20th century
Glass, Fabric, Metal
8"l x 3"w x 2.75"h
© Vintage Winter

A wonder example of 10th Mountain Division equipment.  These ski goggles are in good decor condition, not to be worn.  Most 10th Mountain Division soldiers were actually recruited by the U.S. National Ski Patrol.  Goggles and snow equipment like this was monumental in the successful missions against the Germans in the Italian mountains. 

Foster Grant, Inc. was comissioned during the WWII to supply the troops with these glacier goggles.  FosterGrant is still the leading U.S. marketer of moderately priced sunglasses, and one of America's most recognized brand names. Founded in c. 1919, the company was the first to popularize sunglasses, which had their initial vogue in the 1930s. Foster Grant was well known for its long-running advertising campaign, "Who's behind those Foster Grants?"

WWII 10th Mountain Division on Skis.
WWII 10th Mountain Division on Skis.


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