Antique Athapasca / Athabaskan Native First Nation Indian Snowshoes

Antique Athabascan, Athapaskan or Athapascan (Dene) Snowshoes
c. 1880's-1910's
Wood, Babiche
48 15/16”l x 9 11/16”w x 3 9/16"h (upturned toe)
© Vintage Winter

Western Subarctic antique snowshoes of native origins are some of our most favorite to acquire.  You can literally feel the history in your hands.  These snowshoes are crafted in the typical 'Alaska Style' with finely woven bibiche (strips of semi-tanned hide) and/or sinew (dried tendons) and what appears to be Birch frames.  A perceptive eye will notice faint red patterns painted on the woven lacing.  


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