KKM Special Vintage Figure Skates

KKM Special.  Figure Skate. Special Steel.   No. 2000

Tokyo. Japan  Like new.  

size 27  12" blade


circa mid 20th century  


Imagine owning a pair of pristine KKM figure skating blades from a world known figure skating collector and collection.  Own a piece of history.  


Written from a KKM advertisement sent to the collector in 1959: "Skating edge is made of the finest steel, which gives the best action on ice. Many skaters use this model".


**Vintage advertisement not included with the skates.


If skating vintage is your joy these well made figure skates are for you. If you like decorating with an  industrial flare these skates are for you.


*See the last two pictures for a decorative idea. One of our creative customers had bookends made with a pair of our antique hockey skates



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