Antique Enameled Metal Ice Skates - Childs

Antique Child's Metal Ice Skates
Cast Iron or Enamelled. Appears to look a lot like The Meagher Skate. 
Late 1800's. See last picture showing an Ad in 'Figure and Fancy Skating' by George A. Meagher, 1895

© Vintage Winter

Original children's metal or enamelled skates. Rare to find such a small size! 

Imagine owning a pair of rare, unique and beautifully maintained children's iron skates. These skates come from a world  known ice skating collector. Preserve a piece of history!! A great addition to your collection, display or decor.


*See the last two pictures for a decorative idea. One of our creative customers had bookends made with a pair of our antique hockey skates





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