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Ted Shred from the ski movie Canadian Mountain Odyssey


This clip is of 'Ted Shred' a character in the vintage ski movie by Dick Barrymore called Canadian Mountain Odyssey. It was a flick made in the 1980's and in this scene features a vintage Burton snowboard (looks like an old Burton Backhill to me). It is said that Ted Shred aka Blake Barrymore was a natural on the newly acquired Burton snowboard. According to records the vintage Burton snowboard was purchased for $40 with the 'instructor discount'. 

The video showcases Blake's ability to out ride skiers with his signature move...you've been "Streaked by the Shred Baron". It was shot in British Columbia Canada in the Monashee mountain range. I'm not sure about you but the last time we took our vintage Burton snowboards out for a few runs we had nothing on Ted Shred.

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James Balmer
James Balmer

November 22, 2015

Hi Blake! That was an amazing clip! Burton is selling those boards again. I thought of Ted Shred! I posted this link on FaceBook. Hope your doing well. Your dad is missed. He was amazing. His choice of music though……WHEW!


July 11, 2015

Saw the movie ages ago when I was a teenager. Great movie and some kind of awakeing for me. Used to go off piste and deep powder snow skiing ever since! Would like to get the move somewhere but wasn’t able to find it anywhere!!


November 10, 2011

you are responsible for the word “SHRED” in snowboard culture! Awesome.

Blake Barrymore
Blake Barrymore

June 07, 2011

Just watched the clip. Yes, I’m the original Ted Shred. The name started in Sunset Beach CA, as a young surfer. We would say that dud is shreding this rino chaser up and the saying stuck. Lets shred those dudes from Alhambra up and take over. The name Ted was a word we would use as if you were a dumb ass or an idiot. Stay tuned for the hole story of how my dad and I made this decision to film this stuff before anybody even though of it.
Blake Barrymore AKA Ted Shred

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