Vintage Skis and Space Fabric: My visit with Klaus Obermeyer

February 03, 2010 2 min read 1 Comment

Vintage Winter visits SIA show in Denver 2010
It may be too early to say, but I predict The 2010 Snowsports Industries of America (SIA) Snowshow in Denver will be deemed a strong success. The convention center was packed with Suppliers, Team Riders, Retail Stores, Ski Areas and Reps. The atmosphere was Energized…people had been out skiing or were headed out in the next few days. It was a nice change of discussion from Las Vegas nightlife back to our Winter PASSION! All the newest technology was on display, orders were being written and the excitement was as palpable as the refreshments flowing from all the exhibitors displays.

My visit to Obermeyers booth and my discussion with industry veteran Klaus Obermeyer was an absolute highlight. He was visiting with clients, discussing and feeling the “hand” of his newest fabric which he has incorporated from NASA heat-storing technology. Ingeniously, this fabric takes excess heat and stores it in its fibers. When your body temperature returns below that level, the fabric releases that warmth and heat back to the body.

A friend told me how Klaus got his start. It was in Aspen one cold day, a very cold day. Wanting to ski but oh-so cold, Klaus took his down comforter from his bed, cut it up and made a jacket. On the hill, he was offered $300 cash and the idea was ignited!

Jeff Hume and Klaus Obermeyer, SIA 2010. Vintage Winter's 'Chairman of the Board' and Klaus Obermeyer, SIA 2010

When I asked him if he still had any of his old wooden ski equipment, he launched into a colorful description of his wooden ski collection – one like no other, some in Aspen, many in Germany, from all eras of ski development – it sounded amazing and I hope will be the subject of a future article. A special THANK YOU to Klaus for his time and sharing some great stories.

A few VINTAGE style product highlights from SIA: Fleece-lined wool mittens made from vintage sweaters made in the Mitten State, and wooden kids skis, snowboards and sleds – all made with beautifuly finished Ash wood. Get this…the hottest, newest socks…are made from Classic Merino Wool.

HIGH TECH product highlights: Argon gas filled vests that are warmer than 900 down, new rocker-construction on skis and snowboards, and crystal studded helmets show safety can truly be in style.

As always, keep checking back – you’ll see some of these great items coming soon to

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Kris Lindley Matlack DVM
Kris Lindley Matlack DVM

June 04, 2011

both parents Grace Carter Lindley and Alfred Lindley on 1936 Olympic team, father 1932 also, 4 way, Skied with Klaus as a child in Aspen, I’m now 61, Klaus’ trademark holler on the Mountain if hailed was “Poop-Poop!” and off he’s go. He made the first nice zip warm up pants

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