Backcountry Powdercat Snowboarding at Baldface Lodge. Wow - Pow!

December 03, 2009 2 min read 3 Comments

With Winter now firmly in North America we can begin speaking of epic snows of past, refreshing remoteness and backcountry luxuries worth planning for. These are some daydreams you can live at Baldface Lodge, in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. The Kootenays are a special place, and Baldface has 32,000 acres of terrain for its backcountry powdercat snowboarding and lodging operation (skiers are allowed). I have been a part of two organized trips and I come away knowing that this is a slice of heaven on earth for all powder lovers. The expansive terrain, the staff and guides, and the room (chalets) and board (warm hearty breakfast, pack a sandwich lunch, soups everyday at 4, followed by gourmet dinner) all rate an 11 on the scale of 1 to 10. The snowboarding on endless powder ranked a strong 11. The warm Baldface snowcat meets you at the bottom to take you back to the top for another dreamy descent on runs with unforgettable names like: Glasagne, Cheeky Monkey, and Laddio’s Nebulizer.

Spots still open for 2010 trips: Call for details and your available dates.

Beginner Powder Riders Welcome: Learn to Ride and Shred Fluffy Powder Snow – on the open bowls and spaced out glades that Baldface offers. Trip comes with a Professional Instructor to teach you tips and “powder tricks” so you get the most from your powdercat snowboarding trip… Group of 11 required. Blue Run Snowboarding on Resort Slopes REQUIRED. Private snowboarding (and skiing) lessons available for you to get ready for your Baldface Trip.

Ride Untouched Powder all day…run after untouched run through trees and steeps. Think: Pacific Ocean, Glasagne, Cheeky

This video was made by frequency magazine and shows some of the amenities and luxuries you’ll encounter in the Baldface “backcountry”.

A word about Snow Safety – Baldface Lodge does a tremendous amount of snow safety work before, during and after our powder day to monitor avalanche danger. All guests wear top of the line, lodge supplied beacons.

vintage winter extremely safe guides
Joel Sage: Baldface Guide digging a snow pit and assessing snowpack.

Winter powder so deep you could ride an old woody snowboard.
Stoking the Passion for Vintage Winter

Eric Ladd creating epic memories
A group and trip I will always remember – All smiles. Thanks E

Vintage Winter's 'Chairman of the Board' is a Fully Certified (Level 3) Snowboard Instructor and Trainer with AASI – Rocky Mountain, the American Association of Snowboard Instructors and a major fan of Baldface Lodge.

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Chris Stringer
Chris Stringer

January 16, 2010

So jealous. Would love to get on board with one of these trips someday.

Ray Newberry
Ray Newberry

January 14, 2010

Were these pictures of your DAD!!!

sam belfer
sam belfer

December 15, 2009

WOW! It has been a long time since I wanted to ride. Watching this did it!

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