Wool "Vintage Sweater" Mittens

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Classic Wool Sweater Mittens
Fleece Lined
One Size

Your old wool sweater, the one you gave away, the hand-me-down, your recognizable old friend is back and better than ever before, as a MITTEN.

Classic wool sweaters, soft fleece lining and stitched together with creativity. Wonderful old wool sweaters get new life as fashionable, warm cozies for your hands.

Sweater Mittens – “Re-Engineered” old woolie sweaters for todays cold hands!

“Don’t go outside without your sweater!” – Mom
“Why don’t you wear that nice Christmas sweater?” – Mom
“Put a sweater on – its chilly out” – Grandma
“Put a T-shirt on under it if it itches” – Grandma



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