Vintage Mt Hood Ski Chairlift

Original Vintage Mt. Hood Ski Chairlift
c. 1940s, 20th century
42”w x 19”d x 22”h
© Vintage Winter

Classic old double seat Riblet ski chairs from our boneyard collection.  These chairs are in ‘as-is’ condition and are offered as Do-It-Yourself, DIY projects.  While we typically craft vintage chairlifts to suite your project needs these are offered in the raw for you to fix up.  

If your looking for vintage hanging ski chair lifts or stand alone ski benches we have a large collection of old ski lifts for sale.  Tripple chairs, double seat and the ultra rare single chairs.  We have original Single ski chairlifts from Sun Valley Idaho as well as from one of the first ski lifts in California.  Double seat chairs from the Pacific Northwest as well as tripple hoop YAN ski lifts.  We have a variety of gondolas however stock is always rotating. We have decorated, supplied and installed chairs all over the world.  Our custom hanging chairs have a variety of options to suit even the most demanding project needs including swinging, swivel, off axis and self leveling details individually CAD drawn to each client.  We have been crafting and customizing vintage ski chairlifts longer than anyone else in the industry.


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