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Vintage Burton Snowboard
c. 1981
Wood, metal, rubber
52"l x 11.5"w
© Vintage Winter


This 1981 Burton Backhill snowboard is like no other.  For the past 33 years this particular board has been stored in its original Burton snowboard box and is now in pristine condition for your collection.   

As the story goes, back in 1981 Jake Burton was looking to increase efficiencies in his operation and as a test hired a company to produce ~12 blank boards.  The company was called Warvel Products owned by Tim Meharry in Gillett, Wisconsin.  Tim was operating 6 presses that used High Frequency Hydraulics (heated like a microwave) to press plywoods.  This process was ideal for Burtons original all solid hardwoods snowboards.  Jake and Tim agreed to do a test run with a handful of boards.  They had some back and forth conversations centered around incorporating composite materials into the manufacturing process.  Unfortunately for Tim the glues at that time were not suitable for composites on a 'hot' press so a 'cold' press process would be needed for that 'line' of boards.  In the end Jake went with someone else to produce the bords and he sent Tim this snowboard as a thank you.  Tim had 2 girls, and only 1 board, so he left it in the original Burton box and stored it in the rafters of his garage for the last 33 years.

As you can see from the photos, every aspect of the board is in near perfect condition.  We see a lot of vintage snowboards but this is one of the best preserved we have ever seen.  Board comes with original Burton shipping box. 

Vintage Burton Snowboard Catalog c. 1979-80.
Vintage Burton Snowboard Catalog c. 1979-80.


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