Black Forest Rabbit Carving

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Black Forest Hare Carving
New 20th century
14.75"h x 6.5"w x 6"d
© Vintage Winter
An absolutely wonderful carving of a hiking hare with a traditional leather hunting satchel.  This piece was expertly carved with the same level of detail and craftsmanship found in antique black forest carvings created a century ago in Switzerland.  It is traditional folklore that black forest carvings were only produced in the Bavarian Black Forest region in Germany.  In fact, it is the Swiss that should be most credited with these stunning carvings.  Black Forest carvings trace their origins to Brienz with only a handful of cottage industry workshops.  Their carvings were often placed in a leather satchel, slung around the salesman's back and hiked to areas where tourists were know to travel.  Once there, these carvings were sold to the traveling elite and brought back home to countries around the world as objects of curiosities and function.  This is a newly carved piece - a wonderful replica of an old design.    


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