Antique ACME Club Forbes Ice Skates - Starr Mfg Co

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Antique Acme  Club Skates 
Circa 1875
Starr Mfg Co (Halifax, N.S. Canada)


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Imagine these beautifully maintained historical ACME No. 5 Club Forbes  Hockey  Skates from a world class skate collector's skate collection. The skates still show the makers mark (Starr Mfg Co Makers Halifax, N.S. Canada) - and the model number (Acme No. 5 Club Forbes).

Adjustable blades by means of a two lever operated clamping mechanism. The heel is fastened lengthwise. The system requires no tools that would be lost or forgotten.  


Acme club skate patented by the Starr manufacturing company opened their doors in 1863 which featured a self lever system to fasten your  skates to their boots.   


Own a piece of history!


Starr "Acme Club" Skates and Starr "Hockey" Skates were the only ones of the type available in the world at that time.  "Birthplace of Hockey"



 Bx27-B18.4 JBC


*See the last two pictures for a decorative idea. One of our creative customers had bookends made with a pair of our antique hockey skates


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