Antique Valuation

We now offer antique valuations and market approach appraisals on a variety of winter sports antiquities.  We can help you determine what you have and uncover what it's worth.

Our specialties include appraisals on antique snowshoes and antique skis.  We are also quite versed on valuations of antique sleds, sleighs, ice skates, vintage climbing gear, vintage snowboards, etc.  

Please choose from our three levels below:

Tier 1:  The Rookie - Good for "is it worth keeping" and "what's it worth" type questions.  
You will receive our report in an email with the approximate date, retail value and basic condition report, as well as our suggestions on best places to sell your item for the best price. 

Tier 2:  The Technician - For those who want a bit more background and more specific information regarding their item:
You will receive an email with approximate date, retail value, condition report along with specific information relating to the manufacture of the item (if applicable). 

Tier 3:  The Professional - Our most curated review. For collector catalogs, personal inventories, etc.  
You will receive our findings via email plus a Vintage Winter Appraisal certified letter on archive quality paper with our findings of:  approximate date, retail sales value along with historic values report, condition and preservation suggestions along with a detailed history of the company who manufactured the item (if applicable), etc.  

Note:  This is a private service.  We are not certified appraisers.  We primarily do our own appraisals for our museum and personal collecting.  Our market experience in a specialty niche product range gives us a unique advantage in understanding the market values for these items, whether it be online, estate sale, antique mall, collector, museum or interior design valuations. 

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