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Antique Native American Indian Snowshoes - Athabaskan

Antique Native American (First Nation) Indian Snowshoes
c. 1890-1910, 19th-20th century
Wood, Babiche
55"l x 10"w x 6"h
© Vintage Winter

A nearly impeccable set of Athabaskan Snowshoes.  These snowshoes are in fantastic condition - with no breaks in the weaving. Snowshoes of this era were usually fitted with a lamp wick material as a binding that was laced/wrapped around the users foot, ankle and lower leg, however - there are no binding cloths on these.  The arc at the nose-tip of the snowshoes is very impressive.  The rise of the frame - and the tightness of the weaving are beautiful.  


Native American woman weaving snowshoes.
Native American woman weaving snowshoes
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