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 Discover, Learn, Collect and Enjoy Unique Winter Memories and Memorabilia

Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for winter sports and unique sporting antiques.  Here are a few ways you can join us and become a part of our ever growing community of people who enjoy all-things WINTER.   Your biggest show of support would be to tell a friend about our site. Thank you.  

        Donate an Item*

Email us regarding the donation of an item from your personal collection or a family estate. Please attach photos of your items.

Items Donated will become part of our virtual and traveling museum displays.

        Donate Money

Now accepting monetary donations towards new purchases and our exhibit education fund. Send us an email or give a call and we will be glad to give you more information about our target acquisitions and future plans for showcasing our exhibits.

        Allow us to Decorate Your Event or Party

We offer prop rental. Considering a classy 1930s resort style ski party or wedding?  Call and let us help you decorate your "set" as you throw a memorable Apres-Ski themed event. 
*Thank you for considering a donation to Vintage Winter. Your donation is not tax deductible as we are a private museum. Your generous (and our continued) funding helps make acquisitions, maintain and care for items in the collection and properly store the exhibits. We also make our exhibits available for schools and philanthropy events free of charge - additional funding will expand these programs, currently in their infancy. Thank you. 


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